Не ми допада

полигамия, секс без голяма любов, грубост, лъжа, претенциозност, егоцентризъм, завист, ревност, фанатизъм, глупост, простотия, отричане, избухване, обиди, възмущение, презрение, съперничество, дистанцираност, обвинения и себеобвинения, думите не, не може или няма как да стане; официалности, йерархии, прах, мръсотии, лоша лична хигиена, пасивност, разхищение и груб материализъм
остри миризми, включително парфюми, готвен или суров лук или чесън, цигари или пръчици, молове, летища, коли, паркинги, алкохол, кафе, месо (вкл. риби и морски);
наркотици, вредна храна, измами,
гледане/слушане на стандартни новини и спорт, четене на вестници, кръстословици, шах, карти
сиво, кафяво, бежово и златисто
пипане и гледане на домашни животни
костюми и дрехи, които не могат да се перат в пералня
рап, диско и чалга

липсата на:
доверие, емоция, загриженост, емпатия, уважение и себеуважение, толерантност, чувство за хумор, грижа за тялото и природата, вяра, стремеж за развитие, любознателност и инициативност

About Love

Amorera Eva

From the lecture today:


  • sensitivity
  • availability
  • vulnerability
  • safety

Relationships are not about love, they are about survival and feeling safe,

Whenever there is a conflict, your reaction is not a response to the current situations, but to previous trauma from previous connections.

Within a relationship is the best and only way to heal.

Whenever there is a conflict in a relationship, partners do not meet their need to feel safe. One has to stop the vicious circle. The best way is to observe their own reaction to the situation and to start being sensitive to the vulnerability of the other and his/her need for safety. Once we are available for the other, their healing can start. Then they can do the same for us.

Accepting that the world and life are unjust can free us up from the attempts to fight for justice. Then there be more love and…

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My ideal love partner

There has been a while I haven’t written a list of my ideal partner. Here it is – inspired by my coach Eva Kuleva :)! Thank you, Eva!

Anyone who knows my guy, please let me know ASAP 🙂 😉

My ideal love partner:

Believes in true, everlasting love

Able and ready to be completely devoted, monogamous, respectful, loving & responsible

Feeling it’s absolutely natural and necessary to take very good care for himself, his wife, his kids & the environment – willing and able to do so (addictions, smoke, alcohol, junk food, extreme sports etc. are out of question)

Happy, positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, open and sincere, full of gratitude, proactive with great sense of humour, healthy self-esteem and oriented toward collaboration

Calm, tender, proud to be gentlemen

Smart, emotionally and socially intelligent, talented

Spending time for self-improvement with strive for knowledge and wisdom

Fit, charming, healthy, looking younger than his biological age, spending much time outdoors, needs and enjoys movement, yoga, meditation, dancing, walking; likes biking & hiking

Respecting, believing and interested in science, especially in neuroscience and psychology, in  research about mind, brain, behaviour, emotions, love, learning, creativity, mental health, child development, etc.

Appreciating beautiful and positive art

Feeling the transcendental

With stable income, willing and able to provide high standard for his family, successful and passionate about what he does

Between 26 and 46

Wants to have family and kids exactly with me within the next 1-2 years

Totally in love with me, feeling he wants to spend his whole life exactly with me, firm and confident in his feelings that exactly I am the One for him, feeling blessed about the idea that we could be together!